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Chicago SkylineTaken in April 2010, this photo shows the Chicago skyline.

Chicago SkylineThis is another photo of the Chicago skyline from a different angle.

Hadley Take Note Billboard
Take Note!

Appearing One Night Only!American Idol's Scott MacIntyre and Hadley's Own 2009 Graduate Megan Tate The Hadley School for the Blind Women's Board Annual Benefit Saturday April 17, Michigan Shores Club, 6:30 p.m.

Megan On StageThis was just one of Megan's many solo performances during the 2010 "Music City Gospel Showcase" national convention in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee where she and fifty other artists joined together to tape thirty one-hour television shows.

Megan On StageHere's another photo of Megan on stage during the taping of the 2010 "Music City Gospel Showcase" convention.

Megan Performing with Impromptu Quartet.This was an unexpected performance during 2010's "Music City Gospel Showcase." The group comprised of gospel legend Roy McNeal and a few others from the show.

Megan and Michael and DelilahMegan standing with Southern Gospel duet Michael and Delilah at the 2010 "Music City Gospel Showcase" convention.

Megan Standing with Firm Foundation Megan standing with Southern Gospel quartet Firm Foundation at the 2010 "Music City Gospel Showcase" national convention.

Megan and Jazz Musician Lisa HiltonTaken at the grand opening of the building expanssion project at the Chicago Lighthouse for the Blind, Megan posed with jazz musician Lisa Hilton for a photo. Lisa also performed at the event, along with the Lighthouse's own band, Vision Quest.


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