Megan Tate


Megan has been a Southern Gospel singer for more than fifteen years. She has sang at numerous churches, mission banquets and groups, festivals, senior citizen events, nursing homes,women's conferences, revivals and television programs.

In June 2009, she took part in "Music City Gospel Showcase" and was voted "Entertainer of the Year" by her fellow artists. This award is the highest given on the show, which is a gospel music television series broadcast nationwide on ANGEL2 (dish network channel 266) and online to a worldwide audience. The show is also broadcast on other stations across the country including channel 57 out of Atlanta, Georgia.

In December 2011 Megan graduated from Liberty University with a diploma in Biblical Studies, and she has just completed a new album called "Heartsong." The album was produced by Dave Wilcox of Planet Nashville Christian Entertainment.


Born four months premature and weighing only two pounds and two ounces, Megan was rushed from the small hospital where she was born to a much larger facility that was better equipped to handle babies in her condition. By the time she was weighed there she weighed a pound and a half.

Because her lungs were undeveloped, Megan was placed on 100 percent oxygen for the first four months of her life. At the time of her birth, doctors didn't know to place a protective covering over the eyes to protect them from the effects of long term use of forced oxygen and the retinas in both eyes were detached as a result.

Toward the end of her four month stint in the neonatal unit of the hospital where she'd been rushed shortly after birth, the doctors told her family that even if she survived, she would be on a respirator for the rest of her life. Devistated by the news, they went back to their church that night and asked that a special prayer service be held. No one left at the end of the church service and everyone surrounded her family in prayer. At about two o'clock the next morning when the nurse on duty went to check on her, Megan had pulled the respirator tube out and was breathing on her own. She has been ever since.

She now uses her lungs for Christ, taking the gospel wherever God calls her. According to her, her visual impairment has had a positive impact on her life, giving her the unique ability to touch hearts through her testimony and music ministry that might not otherwise be reached. Her mission is not only to touch hearts, but to be an inspiration to those in need.

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